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2014-04-20 15:09:53 by CRomDayLeR

I am back from my recent trip to valhalla. It was amazing. Sadly, I couldn't take a picture with Odin and his girl Frigg but I got some nice photos of the palace. That place was HUUUUUUGE!


Anyway,I just wanted to say that I uploaded a new song. Check it out!:





2011-02-10 16:21:38 by CRomDayLeR



2010-08-12 11:40:27 by CRomDayLeR

Justin Bieber fansorz push my scorz downz omgay O.o

Back :D

2010-07-24 06:57:55 by CRomDayLeR

after two longs weeks I am back :D now its time to make a new song.

I will quit other works like contrast and golden clouds for now, because I will try to make a dubstep remix of stereo love.

I love that theme

2010-07-02 06:33:16 by CRomDayLeR

Final Fantasy 7 - One Winged Angel 2qKU

um...Lol wtf?!?

2010-06-27 18:43:50 by CRomDayLeR

lawl shooting zeros has got a score of 1.76 and is in the top five wtf?!?

man that sucks


2010-06-21 14:57:56 by CRomDayLeR

got final fantasy 7 for my psp :D

But, I am bored so I post my best song (I think)

Perfect Summer

Yay, Got it!

2010-05-13 04:29:29 by CRomDayLeR

Yay got my Sandman in team fortress 2, now I only need the Bonk! energy drink, and then my scout haves everything :3

The four light warriors...

2010-04-11 12:02:50 by CRomDayLeR

yesterday I surfed around on youtube and saw a trailer of "the four light warriors"

It looked totally awesome, poorly that its still not released everywhere.

the style, the battlesystem, the equipment...everything looked nice...I mean...for the Nintendo DS.

well, here´s the trailer: KIr8

Loopy Loop

2010-04-10 15:42:13 by CRomDayLeR

I have uploaded some loops, want to hear them?

! [Update] ! Dark Space [Loop]

the normal version was a bit too quiet and boring, in this one is much more (little vocal parts too :D)(best part from 0:22 - 0:45 :P)

The Holy Poo

(need to change that name, or?) I love the drums in this loop, I will use them again, because they just sound AwEsOmE :3.

well, have fun :D.